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Everything Happens for a Reason

Updated: Apr 22, 2019

Hi and welcome to Logan Joiner Photography! This business started as a way for me to pay for tortillas and meal replacement shakes (healthy I know) while I was an undergrad at Texas A&M University and has grown every since. Blessed by God with a unique perspective of the ordinary, I have decided to share those visions with the world while giving all the glory to Him. This is how it all began…

The Start of it All...

Growing up, I always saw things in a different light than most people. I mean how many folks look at bunch of hay bales and say, “dang that sure is purdy”? I would take pictures of pretty much anything that caught my eye. After noticing my growing interest in photography, my parents bought me a camera for Christmas. I was so excited to have my own equipment and not have to worry about borrowing my mom’s camera. Soon after, I started taking pictures of livestock, doing family portraits, senior portraits, engagements, and even a couple of weddings! After graduation, I decided to purse a masters degree in Animal Nutrition. This took up every waking minute of my time and the amount of sessions I did drastically decreased. I still took a few pictures here and saved them for a rainy day, but the majority of my time was taken up by designing, teaching and taking classes, formulating and mixing feed, and spending countless hours at the swine farm. Due to unforeseen circumstances my grad school experience came to a screeching halt in June of 2017 and I was forced to move back to Midland, TX. I was disappointed to say the least but was in desperate need of a job, so I applied for an engineering job in the oilfield. This definitely wasn’t what I wanted to do for the rest of my life and I never thought that I would be in this particular position, however it was more than I was currently making and my schedule allowed me to work for two weeks and then have a week off. I quickly decided that on those weeks off, I would try my best to get out of west Texas and go travel and start taking pictures again. Since moving back, I have had the opportunity to shoot some really incredible sessions with awesome clients and continue to grow this business! My grandfather has always told us “Everything happens for a reason” and I truly believe that. I may not know what God has in store for my life but I know that He has gifted me with a talent and that I should trust in Him and use that gift. I wouldn’t be here or have this business if it weren’t for God’s grace and his favor over me. I believe that things will continue to grow and blossom in this business because it is His before it is mine. With that in mind, I have decided that 10% of every purchase made through Logan Joiner Photography will be donated to Save the Storks to help further His kingdom.

"Everything happens for a reason."

What I Do...

I love meeting new clients and helping capture their special moments. I specialize in engagements, senior portraits, family portraits as well as livestock and landscape photography. Please feel free to contact me about scheduling your next photography session or any print needs you may have!

Thank you all for your love and support of Logan Joiner Photography!


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Midland, TX, USA


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